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In this video that was taken at a special welcome breakfast held by SOFOFA, the Chilean Federation of Industry, Cristobal Philippi, the CEO, welcomed the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs by explaining what exactly the Federation entails, why they were invited, and how anxious the Chilean business and innovation community is to have them working in the country. Along with Mr. Philippi, at each table sat some of the most important businesspeople in Chile who attended from companies such as Telefónica, Coasin, Micrológica, and CAP Inc., who were all eagerly looking to network with and get to know the Start-Up Chile participants.

It was a fruitful event that allowed the entrepreneurs to see different lights of Chilean industry and for the CEOs to get back into touch with their entrepreneurial roots.

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If you are a student, or recent graduate, bilingual in English and Spanish, the following opportunities could be for you.  The two positions that are open are for Communications and Client Management and their respective job descriptions, along with general details about working with the Start-Up Chile program, are as follows:

General Information: About Us
Employer: InnovaChile’s mission statement is to raise the competitiveness of the Chilean economy by (1) promoting innovation within existing companies, (2) encouraging entrepreneurship, and (3) strengthening the Chilean innovative mindset.
Area: Start-Up Chile is an initiative of the Chilean Government to attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile.
Location: Moneda 975, 12th floor, Santiago Centro

General requirements: Working With Us
We are a group of young professionals, working hard to turn Chile into the innovation hub of Latin America. We speak fluent, if not native, English, we have at least 1 year of experience living abroad, we like technology, and we try hard to maintain an informal, dynamic and energetic office environment.

Positions available: Client management intern, Communications Intern
Duration: Full time for 3 months (Dec-2010 to Mar-2011)
Salary included
Contact email: careers@startupchile.org

Client Management Intern Duties:
– Propose and implement a small business CRM according to our organization’s needs
– Small workshop on how to use the CRM platform to the team
– Build a database of clients; loading and storing them according to different profiles/categories
– Search/update information relevant to our clients
– Retrieve different stats from our clients database
Specific Requirements:
– Fluent, if not native, English (oral and written)
– Management of Information Systems knowledge
– Oriented to customer relations and commercial relationship: clear and accurate oral expression
– Work and productivity focus on achieving goals
– In the final years of a College degree, no professional experience required

Communications Intern Duties
– Respond to general inquiries regarding the Start-Up Chile program.
– Assist in gathering information, filming short videos, and/or conducting interviews for online content and newsletters.
– Assist in small and large scale event planning.
– Gathering contacts for foreign press outlets.
– Research current events in Chile related to Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and/or Startups.
– Updating social media sites and internal communication networks.
Specific Requirements
– Fluent, if not native, English (oral and written)
– In final year of, or with a degree in, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, or Journalism with experience in writing, graphic design, and presentations.
– Advanced knowledge and proven use of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
– Outgoing, inquisitive and detail oriented person who communicates well with people of many nationalities, backgrounds.

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As the 12th team to arrive in Chile to participate in the Start-Up Chile program, Raj touched down in Santiago with ease, barely showing signs of having flown from London and through Sao Paulo and onto the final destination.  He was selected on October 4th and has spent the time anticipating his arrival by contacting various Chilean developing and design firms to speed along his project’s process.   His week is already packed with meetings.

Raj + Eximforce Touch Down in Chile

The project that he will be developing during his time with Start-Up Chile is called Eximforce and is a real-time solution to shipping problems stemming from paperwork and ever-changing international legal frameworks that guide such large scale transactions.  He has been dutifully working on this idea since January and has chosen Chile as his launching pad, after having considered Singapore as another option.  It is his first time in South America, after having lived in Milan and London, and it is looking as if he will not have the slightest problem kicking off Eximforce and utilizing Start-Up Chile’s networks to get it off the ground.

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“…The mere exposure to working in a startup, and the networking involved in it can become an important outcome of this program, especially if it encourages more locals to do the same…”

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Salim Ismail, Executive Director of Singularity University, Susan Fonseca-Klein, VP Events & Community Relations, and Julian Ugarte a Singularity student and Director of the Social Innovation Center at Un Techo para mi País, made a stop at the Start-Up Chile HQ today– one of several meetings during their trip to Chile. This week, they are participating in the Global Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Week being held here in Santiago, giving talks about high impact entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in the corporate world.

To join us tomorrow, Thursday, November 18th, at the GEW event they will be headlining, please click here for the invitation.

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Narrowly escaping the quickly plummeting temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, Shahar, Nathan, and Jesse arrived to Santiago on the morning of Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 to participate in the 2010 Start-Up Chile program.  As teams numbers seven and eight, they will start work on their projects immediately and will join the other teams in various activities such as the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Nathan, Shahar, and Jesse-- Welcome to Chile!

Shahar, the first to land in Chile, is a Tel Aviv native who was previously living in San Francisco after living in New York City and various cities throughout Europe.  He is a former Microsoft employee, having worked with them for four years, and is here in Chile to develop his project called AndroidIM.  As explained by Shahar, the project’s aim is to facilitate the Android application world for developers and, thus, clients.  He and his soon-to-arrive business partner, Dan, are looking to create a specific platform that will facilitate the marketing and money-making process for Android developers.  For those interested, they are looking to add front- and back-end developers to their team.

Second to arrive to Chile were Nathan and Jesse who make up the Entrustet team, originally from Madison, Wisconsin.   The project is rooted in securing one’s digital assets after death, which, as noted by the team, can at times be a bit of a downer, but is a necessary job that is new to the online world.  Jesse explained that the idea occurred to him after reading The World is Flat and was thus inspired to continue on with its execution, mentioning that “three Facebook users die every minute, yet Facebook has no idea who’s dead”– which is where Entrustet comes in.  Having been featured in Mashable and WIRED among others, Entrustet has a potent board of advisors that will help guide them, along with their Start-Up Chile mentor, during their time here in Chile.

These teams add to the diverse bunch that will be even further rounded out by the end of the month, with arrivals nearly every day until the end of November.  To keep up-to-date on the upcoming arrivals and their subsequent progress, please subscribe to this blog.

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Instead of hosting the weekly Meetup event at our Headquarters this Thursday, November 18th, the Start-Up Chile staff and participants will be attending the Global Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Week being held in the Constitution Plaza, directly outside of the Moneda Palace.

Global Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Week 2010

The event, originally founded by the Kauffman Foundation, will be headed by speakers such as Salim Ismail, CEO of Singularity University, and Valeria Budinich, founder and chief entrepreneur of Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship.  Taking place from 8:30am to 1:15pm, the agenda will include various workshops ranging from High Impact Entrepreneurship, to the role of the private sector in social Entrepreneurship, to Educational Entrepreneurship.

We will be celebrating this initiative alongside those who are most closely involved within the Chilean community such as Endeavor, the Foro Innovación, and the Centro de Innovacion of the highly successful Un Techo Para Chile NGO.  And, in line with Start-Up Chile’s core goal, the events this week seek to further promote Chile as the innovation hub of South America while focusing on the most pertinent national and international issues facing innovation and entrepreneurship.

To sign up, please click here and to learn more about the various events that will be taking place during the week please click here.

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