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Event: Scouting Sub 35

First Tuesday and Fundación País Digital joined forces to create Scouting Sub 35. This initiative
visited 15 cities throughout Chile looking for Chilean entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to reward them with tools and contacts to enhance their business.
There is going to be a grand finale event where the 3 winners will be announced. The prize? A trip to South Korea to visit the main Research and Development centers! This event will be attended by all the nominated entrepreneurs of this initiative, therefore you will have an instance to network with the best local entrepreneurs during a cocktail.
You are all welcome to come. The event is on Thursday January 6, at 7:30 p.m. at the “Salón Consejo de SOFOFA” (Avd. Andrés Bello 2777, Las Condes, Santiago)
If you wish to attend please send an e-mail to Lith Pastén lith@firsttuesday.cl to confirm your assistance.
Happy holidays!


Yesterday The Economist’s blog posted an article named “New Gold: Mining for Entrepreneurs” where Start-Up Chile was mentioned along with Barcelona Activa. The article highlights the fact that entrepreneurs are the main resource to gain innovation and social development.

We are proud and extremely happy for this mention in The Economist. We are just few steps away from changing history.


Yesterday we had a real reason to celebrate since Start-Up Chile received an award for the best public sector initiative of the year. The distinction was made by “Diario Financiero”, and the winner is elected by votes of its readers.  The award was received by Minister of Economy Juan Andrés Fontaineand executive vice president of CORFO, Hernán Cheyre.

On behalf of the Start-Up Chile Team we are proud and with more energy to make things happen here in Start-Up Chile, which by the way  is no longer an initiative, but a formal program of the Chilean Government.
We thank the readers of the “Diario Financiero”  for  the recognition and all entities that help make this possible every day with hard work.

We are pleased and proud to let you all know that Techcrunch published an article about Start-Up Chile. The article focuses on the fact that many countries have tried various models to become centers of innovation and in the opinion of Vivek Wadhwa Chile has managed to build an effective and efficient model for achieving this goal.

The Start-Up Chilean

Enrique Fernández could be called an anomaly within the group of Start-Up Chile participants as he is one of the few people from South America taking part in the program.  But, namely, he is the standout Chilean who has been granted the sizable subsidy to further develop his business, SupplierSync.  Though Start-Up Chile is an initiative that seeks to import exclusively foreign entrepreneurs to Chile, Enrique was granted approval into the program because he had been previously living in China, and then moved to Berlin, to complete an MBA at HTW University of Applied Sciences.  His ample foreign experience was complimented by the innovative and global aspects of SupplierSync and thus he was accepted into Start-Up Chile.

Enrique Fernández, SupplierSync

SupplierSync as he describes it, is a private social marketplace where suppliers and buyers meet to create trade opportunities through collaboration and was created in September of this year.  It is a “dating site for b2b companies” Enrique says (with a slight chuckle but in all seriousness), that was born out of his broad experience in sourcing activities seeing the need for buyers and vendors to have reliable partners.  Initially, his goal is to focus on the China-Chile market seeing has he already has an exportation company in China and, from there, transform it into a platform between China and South America and eventually to be used worldwide.

Originally, his idea was to work between the German and Chinese markets but then found that the Chilean market was a better fit, and as Enrique says, “it was the perfect starting point.”  On why he chose to return to Chile, he says that “it is the ideal launching platform and a smaller market than Germany but a perfect market for refining the business model and a future expansion,” immediately mentioning the importance of imports and exports in the Chilean market and that it is a “strategic point for South America.”  His plan for the next year is to become the number one online platform for trade opportunities for small and medium companies in South America and in, in three years, to be completely global.  To make headway towards these goals, he will travel to China in 2011 to take part in the China Import and Export Fair.

When asked how it feels to be the only Chilean in the Start-Up Chile group, he states: “I don’t feel like a Chilean.  I feel like one member of an international group and like someone who is trying to change the entrepreneurial mindset in Chile.”  Though he has been back in Chile for only a couple of weeks, he notes the importance of the program saying that it is a “very important process in Chile now” and that he is looking forward to imparting his foreign-acquired knowledge to his local peers.  Finally, he add that it is “a great challenge because I want to be at the top with the other guys.”